All in for a life of abundance

What does it mean when Black women especially celebrate a life of abundance?

Sis, there is nothing to celebrate in being tough and struggling when it hardens you – Stay soft, it looks beautiful on you. You deserve abundance.

As women, especially black women – you grow up being shown images and bomabarded with people who look like you who are mostly suffering and struggling compared to their peers of other diverse backgrounds. It is the notion that the black woman who makes it is exceptional – is an excellent breed – “rare”.[/bigletter

That is why the soft life concept resonates so strongly with many – especially black women millenials and the Gen Z particularly. Its normalising that life of minorities does not have to be a 360° jijustu fight without a break or breather – yes life is hard and adulting is the reveleation – however i am here to see more and more minorities claim a life that isnt the normalised struggle you see. 

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but that whole strong Black woman narrative, it doesn’t apply to me. I live a soft life. I am a dainty princess. I will fall out at the drop of a minor inconvenience.” 

– @look_its_britt

As per some reports : “The term “soft life” originated in the Nigerian influencer community as slang for living a life of comfort and low stress. That is part of what makes soft life content so inspiring: the chance to imagine what life can feel like apart from the realities of Black women’s labor. …“

“…Black women are choosing to live full lives, embracing our own beauty, giving ourselves grace, dropping more balls and feeling less guilt about it.” … “The soft life is quite literally a rejection of the hard life. Life of struggle and sacrifice.”


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All in for a life of abundance